Project: URBAnproof recycled.

Together with U+concepts from Haarlem we launched the Urbanproof Recycled collection. A range of bike products made out of RPET yarn, a material constructed from old PET-bottles. From each sold item, 5% profit is donated to the cleanup campaign of Love Not Waste. So every product has a double impact on the fight against plastic pollution. Check out the full range at

From idea to collection in 12 months.

Project: Trash Turtle.

An artwork and recycle container in one. One that motivates visitors to collect cans and plastic PET-bottles from the beach, because they are great for recycling. Love Not Waste developed this steel sea creature together with artist Jerome Bech, welder Arnold Schekkerman and beach club Noorderlicht at Bergen aan Zee beach: TITI, the Trash Turtle. The first Goby-fish-variant in The Netherlands. Created in only 6 weeks from concept to realization with the help of over 30 adoption parents.

Project: Circular Furniture.

Spring 2017 Love Not Waste joined a special project team of Plastic Whale to develop the world's first circular office furniture out of collected Amsterdam canal waste. Love Not Waste delivered expertise on material and organising the supply chain, LAMA design developed a series of table, chair, lamp and acoustic panel and Dutch furniture factory VEPA offered the production technique to produce the series and bring it to market. From concept to realization: 6 months.


Project: Recky Hackathon

Love Not Waste wanted to turn something out of the waste we found. So we could inspire beach cleaners on the spot that they are actually hunting raw material in stead of waste. We were inspired by Dave Hakkens Precious Plastic Machines, but wanted something simple, light weight and easy to build & carry. So we turned to the engineers and marketeers of the Amsterdam-based company Bugaboo and brought together a group of enthusiasts, old household electronics and a beach cart to bring to live Recky, the recycling racket machine!  From concept to realization, hackathon style, in 48 hours!