OUR background.

After a career in purchasing at HEMA & Bugaboo, founder Gaby van Wonderen decided to combine her drive to clean up the planet with her expertise on how to produce with waste and recycled materials. In Summer of 2016 Love Not Waste started as an international beach cleanup tour at surf schools along the coastline from Holland to Morocco. Today we operate with a small team of mainly volunteers to motivate as much people to take action. Our creative campaign agency organizes over 30 cleanup events per year and creates awesome products from waste.

Story Telling.

Through online sharing of our happy activist message, we can multiply the impact of our cleanups and inspire people around the globe.

Barbara Duiverman knows how to capture the enthusiasm of our participants on photo and video and turns it into a catchy social media message. That is why you will see her and Spanish Cacao fourlegged-friend regularly at our events. She is specialised in Iphone photography and that allows her catching those spontaneous moments perfectly unnoticed. You can admire her work at her online Pinterest gallery LRS.

Our partners & clients.