Street Clean Bingo.

Street Clean Bingo is a great game to clean up your neighbourhood. Team up and collect as much litter to cross off your bingo card! The team that finds the most trash in the quickest time wins! We love to play Street Clean Bingo in parks and in office areas and around school buildings. It is a perfect planet-friendly team activity for you and your collegues. Combined with our Happy Activist workshop you will learn practical tips & tricks to increase your sustainable lifestyle at the office as well as at home.


Beach Clean Bingo.

Beach Clean Bingo is a great game to clean up your beach. In Summertime you will find us playing at surf schools along the Dutch coast and beyond. Follow our social media to check out the next events near you and join. Would you like to organize a beach clean day for you and your co-workers, contact us. We love to help you. 


One Bag. One Coffee.

Our One Bag One Coffee system allows you to cleanup whenever wherever. Pick up a bag, fill it with litter along your (beach) walk and swap it for a free cup of coffee, tea or collect points for something extra special. You will find our bags at a growing number of beach clubs, coffee houses and office buildings. Check our social media for the latest locations.

Save our butts.

Let's collect all butts. That is the goal of our Save Our Butt campaign. We give out ashtray cans at beaches, in parks, at lakes and events, so visitors do not leave their butts behind but empty their cans in the bin. Because picking up 1 butt prevents polluting up to 8 liters of water. The cans are also available with your own logo inserted.