The Million Dollar Store.

That doesn't cost a thing.

At Love Not Waste, we want to show you & surprise you that more can be made from plastic waste and other recycled materials. In fact, you can build a whole store out of it, that doesn't cost anything. We developed a store concept based on 3 basic principles that are changing the world right now. It's happening! Do you want to be the world's first free store?

Hurry up, let's get started together!


All you need is already made

Principle 1. All you need is already made, no need to produce anything new! That means all fixtures and furniture are made from recycled materials like the above shown EchoPanels from Kirei out of plastic bottles. Or second cycle materials, such as refurbished Ipads to run your cash or ordering system. And include old stocks and E-bay free picks to bring some character to the scene!

All good will last

Principle 2. All good will last and remain it's value. Every material that used in the shop fitting is documented in the Inventory Assets Passport. So it can be re-used or sold to a new owner when the shop finishes. Also, any new components are not bought but will be contracted on a lease-base and will be owned by the original supplier or manufacturer, such as Philips offering their Pay-per-Lux solutions.

Exposure is the new currency

Principle 3. Exposure is the new currency. Suppliers & lease fees are paid in media value in stead of Euro's or Dollars. And the likes and hearts from your online audience becomes the business model to generate additional money  from advertisers using your store's platform.