The Recycled Racket Machine.

That creates rackets out of waste.

At Love Not Waste, we want to show you & surprise you that more can be made from plastic waste. So we brought a group of Happy Activists together to build a mobile recycling machine that creates beach tennis rackets out of old bottle caps. Check out the awesome making off video below!

The plan.

The plan to create Recky, world's first mobile recycling machine that creates beach tennis rackets out of old bottle caps was born because Love Not Waste wanted to turn something out of the waste we found, to inspire our beach cleaners on the spot that they are actually hunting a raw material in stead of waste. We were inspired by Dave Hakkens Precious Plastic Machines, but wanted something simple, light weight and easy to build & use. So we turned to old household electronics and used the existing beach cart to bring together a machine.

The reality.

Okay, so we learned a lot during the project. Our blenders planned as cap shredders failed the test, so we had to use rose cutters in stead to cut the caps into pieces. Also our electric grill plate did not meet our beach proof heating standards. But, we were able to construct all the parts of our mobile recycling machine out of old materials found at the Openbare Werkplaats. And the first racket out of the mould looked beautiful and functioned perfectly as new.

The future.

We will bring the cart, the racket mould and a small baking oven to our future clean up events and school tour. So we can create new rackets with you wherever, whenever. Next step, we are looking for a sponsor to run the oven on solar power only.

We hope to make more, inspire more! If you want to be part of Recky's future dream too, share our messages online, get in touch, join at the clean ups, contribute in any way you like or can. Thanks a million!