Surf. Clean. Eat. Repeat.

Our international clean up tour.

Love Not Waste HQ is based close to the beautiful beach of Bergen aan Zee, The Netherlands. We enjoy cleaning up our neighborhood, but plastic pollution is just as much a global challenge as it is a local one. We love to engage with local initiatives around the globe because happy activitsts are found everywhere and we are stronger together in our efforts to a make a change. Check out below travel stories and stay tuned for the new plans for Fall 2018/Winter 2019!

Winter 2019.


Winter 2019 we will be back at the Moroccan coast to engage with local clean up projects. To share our experience, energy and fun. Stay tuned and check out our FB-page and Instagram-gallery for our latest adventures.

Summer 2018.


Summer 2018 we were back at the Dutch Coast going next-level with our Beach Clean Bingo series at Bergen aan Zee.  Check our Facebook photo gallery to see all nice pictures we shot. A big thanks to all happy activists who joined us at the beach. Hope to see you again this Summer, we will be there!!

Winter 2018.


This winter Love Not Waste was found in the heart of the plastic soup, Bali, Indonesia. We visited the island to clean the beaches with fellow surf and ocean lovers and got in touch with recycling companies that turn the plastic waste into brand new products. Check our Facebook page for the latest adventures.

Summer 2017.


2017 was awesome! We shared our Love Not Waste stories at Surfvibes, Surfana festival and Retreat Yourself. We built our Recky recycling machine and we celebrated our one year anniversary with a big beach clean up party at TrashUre Hunt museum Scheveningen. Finally in September, we finished our clean up series after 5 weeks of cleaning at Surfschool Bergen aan Zee.

Winter 2017.

Atlantic Coast.

Our international surf & beach clean up tour '16/'17 was an amazing journey. We kicked off in September 2016 at the beach of Bergen aan Zee and followed the coast through Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal up to the south coast of Morocco. We cleaned the beaches with surfers and ocean lovers from all over the world. Check out the many pictures and lovely video we made along the ride. Get inspired!

Love. Not Waste. The movie.

Love Not Waste hopped on a surf van and stopped at surf spots along the Atlantic Coast from Holland to Morocco to clean the beach and create new stuff from ocean waste.

Check out below video to catch the vibe!

The game.

We always make sure our clean ups are fun, inspiring and positive! We make teams, that make up cool team names! The beach becomes our playground as we gather as much trash as we can. We show that taking care of the planet is fun to do. We make new friends and we inspire everyone who sees us play.

It's a circle! Come join us!




The tour.

We kicked off in September 2016 at the beach of Bergen aan Zee. Then we continued our trip to Knokke, stopped at Mimizan, visited Biarritz, made new friends in San Sebastian. Cleaned the beautiful beach of Playa Langres near Somo. Followed the green coast to Gijon. Drove to the end of the world at Razo beach. Watched football in Vigo. Cleaned the beach of Matosinhos, Porto. Enjoyed the city life of Lisbon. Cought some waves and met a lot of surf & clean up enthusiasts at Sagres, South Portugal. Drove back into Spain and made it to the southern windy tip of Tarifa. The ferry brought the LNW van safely to Morocco. Where we continued our adventure along the coast early 2017 and camped in pretty Sidi Kaouki and bubbly Imsouane before we started cleaning the beaches of Tamraght, Sidi Ouarzeg and Taghazout with happy activists from all over the world.



Join the love

Love Not Waste is always looking to hook up with fellow happy activists to organise a clean up. Are you that cool dude or gall that owns a surf school or company and cares for the ocean & plastic recycling? Would you like to host your local beach clean up with LNW? Let's activate your collegues, clients, guests & friends! Let's get in touch! Let's do it!




Participate? Yes, please!

+  Would you like to host a clean up at your surf school or hostel along the Atlantic this Fall?

+  Are you staying at a cool surf hostel this Fall and you would love us to stop by?

+  Are you a local artist who wants to get his hands on our plastic to create awesome stuff?

+  Are you a company producing from ocean plastics and would like to adopt our waste?

+  Do you have great ideas on how to bring LNW's plastic inspiration tour to world domination..            ehh... we mean to world peace.... get in touch!