Beach Clean Bingo.

The coolest game at the beach.

The game.

In July and Augustus you found us on the beach playing Beach Clean Bingo.

It is free, it is fun and it saves the planet! This Summer we clean the beach of Bergen aan Zee & Egmond aan Zee with 155 participant and collected 68 kilo's of waste. Check out our FB-page for the pictures!

How to join.

Would you like to play Beach Clean Bingo again?! Yes, you can! You can organize your own Beach Clean Bingo! 

Get in touch for materials, tips & tricks!

What about waste.

There is no such thing as waste, we say at Love Not Waste! During Beach Clean Bingo we gather raw materials. We are making new tennis rackets out of bottle caps, use the fish nets to build a volleyball net and keep the bottles so The Plastic Soup Surfer can print a new board! You see, we told you there is no such thing as waste!


All inclusive.

At Love Not Waste, we want to clean the beach with you. All of you. We welcome all ages. All nationalities. Our volunteers speak Dutch and English, some German, French and Portugese. And we use our hands, feet and smiles to connect. We don't see differences or disabilities. If you need help to come to the beach or to access our games, get in touch. We are happy to provide a beach wheel chair, other equipment or your own personal Beach Clean Buddy to make sure we can play Beach Clean Bingo together with you. We would miss you if you can't show up!

Do it yourself.

Do you want to celebrate your birthday or anniversary by organizing your own Beach Clean Bingo game? That is a great idea! Just get in touch. Do you want us to organize a clean up for you and your collegues, just outside your office? Perfect, check out what we can do for you!

Clean up tour.

Love Not Waste is always on the move cleaning beaches wherever we go. Read about our travel stories. In Fall/ Winter '16/'17 we hopped on a surf van and stopped at surf spots along the Atlantic Coast from Holland to Morocco to clean the beach and create new stuff from ocean waste.

Check out below video to catch the vibe!