Behind the scenes.

Meet our awesome volunteers.


 I started Love Not Waste in 2016 so I could combine my skills as a sustainable buyer and product developer together with my desire to protect the ocean. I am always thinking of new ways how to get people and businesses motivated to change to a cleaner & sustainable lifestyle.


Meet our friend Christel. You may have met her during our clean ups at the beach or at your office. Christel is one of our enthusiastic and helpful team captains. Behind the scenes she edits our press releases and is looking out for new possibilities to help LNW grow.


Meet our friend Mieke from Germany who loves to ride a wave and a longboard. Mieke played an essential part in the earliest hours of creating the LNW movement. She joins our clean ups in Holland as much as she can and is a true advocate for a more sustainable lifestyle.


Meet our friend Barry who has been our supporter from the beginning. You will find this handy guy at our clean ups, but he is also the core creator behind the Recky Recycling Machine and always works on some awesome DIY recycling project around his home. 


Meet our friend Barbara! She knows how to take a beautiful picture and send it across the web. She is our star photographer at Love Not Waste clean ups and creates our bubbly Instagram stories. Most of her shots are pinned to her globally successful online Pinterest gallery.

Will you join us?

Becoming a volunteer at Love Not Waste is a very easy and hands-on way to fight the plastic soup. We could use all your help: being a team captain at our clean ups, getting our messages across social media or work on new  projects that will inspire cleaning, recycling and more sustainable ways of business. Just get in touch

Be a happy activist too! Like us! Join us!